Our Story

We begun within the Drop of 2022. At to begin with, we sold fair coats online; fair two youngsters with calfskin on their intellect, trusting to cash in on the celebrity design slant. We didn't have a arrange or trade accreditations but offering our to begin with match that week was enough for us to require it genuinely and contribute more time in this modern wander.

At that point we bought our to begin with test of premium calfskin. It was there that we learned how each sort of calfskin was special and may be utilized in an unexpected way.

We realized that real calfskin coats see more a la mode and exquisite than manufactured one's and moved our center to form something more solid and long enduring.

Our Mission

We shaped Leather Hits not to be a put where individuals can only shop but a put where honest to goodness associations are made. We accept individual interaction is critical, and we need you to involvement a sense of community. Whether it's a association with us, your individual customers, or the brands we carry, we need you to feel as in spite of the fact that you've met a companion. From the minute you shop until the day you choose to become portion of our family, we trust the encounter will take off an affect on your life.


We are committed to bettering the world utilizing feasible design and commerce hones. Our calfskin is sourced from genuine creatures raised locally for nourishment. We directly co-operate with cattle ranchers to guarantee they get reasonable costs for their calfskin.

Why Select US

Leather Hits is one of the world's quickest developing calfskin coat brands, having served thousands of satisfied clients with tall quality and only outlined items. Our customer-centric culture permits us to go over and past to keep our clients happy.

How we Bring Individuals Together

Whether you're having an hint gathering, getting a charge out of a night out within the huge city or fair putting on a cookout at domestic, a extraordinary coat is the culminate way to tie together your equip. Our coats are outlined particularly for men and ladies who need comfortable clothing that can adjust to any circumstance and any season.

At the conclusion of the day, nothing makes us more joyful than seeing our clients chuckle and have fun with family and companions whereas wearing something that genuinely brings them delight and bliss.